Re: FatELF patches...

From: Julien BLACHE
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 01:28:25 EST

"Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


With my Debian Developer hat on...

> Package managers are a _fantastic_ invention. They are a killer
> feature over other operating systems, including ones people pay way
> too much money to use. That being said, there are lots of places where
> using a package manager doesn't make sense:

> experimental software that might have an audience but isn't ready for
> wide adoption

That usually ships as sources or prebuilt binaries in a tarball - target
/opt and voila! For a bigger audience you'll see a lot of experimental
stuff that gets packaged (even in quick'n'dirty mode).

> software that isn't appropriate for an apt/yum repository

Just create a repository for the damn thing if you want to distribute it
that way. There's no "appropriate / not appropriate" that applies here.

> software that distros refuse to package but is still perfectly useful

Look at what happens today. A lot of that gets packaged by third
parties, and more often than not they involve distribution
maintainers. (See debian-multimedia, PLF for Mandriva, ...)

> closed-source software

Why do we even care? Besides, commercial companies can just stop sitting
on their hands and start distributing real packages. It's no different
from rolling out a Windows Installer or Innosetup. It's packaging.

> and software that wants to work between distros that don't have
> otherwise-compatible rpm/debs (or perhaps no package manager at all).

Tarball, /opt, static build.

And, about the /lib, /lib32, /lib64 situation Debian and Debian-derived
systems, the solution to that is multiarch and it's being worked
on. It's a lot better and cleaner than the fat binary kludge.


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