threaded irq handler thread doesn't run

From: Manuel Lauss
Date: Sun Nov 01 2009 - 08:05:50 EST


I noticed that the thread of a threaded irq doesn't run if the interrupt
is disabled: I have a semi-broken system with 2 carddetect interrupts,
both are supposed to be edge-triggered, but due to broken PLD they
continue screaming as long as their trigger condition is met. To work
around this, the triggering one is disabled while the other gets enabled;
disabling occurs in the "fast" handler, enabling in the threaded handler:

static irqreturn_t threadfn(irq, ctx)
enable_irq(irq == cd1int ? cd2int : cd1int);

static irqreturn_t fastint(irq, ctx)
request_threaded_irq(cd1int, fastint, threadfn, 0, "insert", ctx);
request_threaded_irq(cd2int, fastint, threadfn, 0, "eject", ctx);

In kernel/irq/manage.c::irq_thread(), the thread func isn't run
if the irq has been disabled; is there a way around this?
(removing that restriction completely solves it for me, but I
doubt this is acceptable for others).

Manuel Lauss
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