Re: [PATCH 0/6] perf trace: Add filter support

From: Li Zefan
Date: Mon Sep 07 2009 - 21:08:16 EST

>> An example:
>> #./perf record -f -e irq:irq_handler_entry:irq==18:record
>> or
>> #./perf record -f -e irq:irq_handler_entry:irq==18 -R
>> ^C
> We may want to write complex filters. While looking at this patchset,
> that seems possible this way, but the raw line may become unreadable:
> perf record -f -e irq:irq_handler_entry:"irq==18 && (name == 'foo' || bar == 'blah')":record
> May be we should add an option to let one also set the filters seperately then
> we could do:
> perf record -f -e -R irq:irq_handler_entry --filter "irq==18 && (name == 'foo' || bar == 'blah')"

I had the same idea. ;)

But using this option, is it possible to specify different filters
for different events? like this:

perf record -f -e -R irq:irq_handler_entry --filter "irq==18"
-e irq:softirq_entry --filter "vec==1"

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