Re: MD/RAID time out writing superblock

From: Allan Wind
Date: Mon Sep 07 2009 - 13:05:32 EST

On 2009-09-07T12:44:42, Chris Webb wrote:
> Sorry for the late follow up to this thread, but I'm also seeing symptoms that
> look identical to these and would be grateful for any advice. I think I can
> reasonably rule out a single faulty drive, controller or cabling set as I'm
> seeing it across a cluster of Supermicro machines with six Seagate ST3750523AS
> SATA drives in each and the drive that times out is apparently randomly
> distributed across the cluster. (Of course, since the hardware is identical, it
> could still be a hardware design or firmware problem.)

Seeing the same thing with a Supermicro motherboard and a pair WDC 2 TB
drives. Disabling NCQ does not resolve the issue, nor increasing
the safe_mode_delay. This is with This machine is
sitting on its hand (i.e. no significant load).

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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