Re: What to do?

From: Jiri Slaby
Date: Mon Sep 07 2009 - 06:07:05 EST

Hi again.

On 08/24/2009 01:20 AM, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> On Monday 24 August 2009, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
>> We should start by asking where you're at as far as knowledge of swsusp
>> and TuxOnIce goes.

Well, I know swsups a bit and don't know about toi much. Still I think
it's not a problem at all. I learn quickly ;).

>> I know you've been around the TuxOnIce lists a bit,
>> but don't know how much you know about C programming or the inards of
>> the kernel, swsusp or TuxOnIce (ie how much help do you need to get up
>> to speed?).

I think C is no problem at all, so the kernel. The two I mentioned
above. I think I'll need no or low help from your side regarding the
code site. From what I've read already I would say it's well documented.

> Well, if you start from something that people don't like, it may be difficult
> to push the rest.
> Still, I think Jiri is more than capable of handling that, so more or less
> everything that is a clear improvement and doesn't introduce regressions of any
> kind will probably work for me.

Thank you guys. I needed to cope with other things (a suspend
regression, writable /proc/<pid>/limits etc.) which took me a long time,

Then I also went through the last "discussion" around the last merge try
mainly to see what others think about kernel-side implementation of
compression etc.

I hope I'll come up with something early.

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