Re: [PATCH] Add poll_get_char and poll_put_char uart_ops to atmel_serial.

From: Andrew Victor
Date: Mon Sep 07 2009 - 02:22:42 EST

hi Albin,

Any reason you're not using the register access macro's like the rest
of the driver?

> + while (!(__raw_readl(aup->uart.membase + ATMEL_US_CSR) & ATMEL_US_RXRDY))

while (!(UART_GET_CSR(..) & ATMEL_US_RXRDY))

> + return __raw_readl(aup->uart.membase + ATMEL_US_RHR);

return UART_GET_CHAR(..);

> + __raw_writel(ch, aup->uart.membase + ATMEL_US_THR);

UART_PUT_CHAR(..., ch);

Otherwise the patch looks fine to me.

Andrew Victor
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