[PATCH 0/4] Safely removing mmaped files

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 16:55:29 EST

Currently when mmaped files are removed I have not found a single
instance in the kernel where we handle it correctly. Frequently after
a hot remove we will either leak a file (with weird ensuing
consequences) or we will goof and not call vm_ops->close() which can
cause leaks.

It turns out this problem isn't too bad to actually fix and this
patchset is my generic solution. Tested against 2.6.31-rc8 with a
process that mmaped /sys/*/*/resource0 and /proc/bus/pci/*/*.

I'm not certain what the best way to carry these patches is to get
them merged. Andrew can you carry this patchset?

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