Re: asm-generic update candidates?

From: Robin Getz
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 15:36:21 EST

On Fri 4 Sep 2009 09:32, Arnd Bergmann pondered:
> On Thursday 03 September 2009, Robin Getz wrote:
> > Arnd:
> >
> > I was reviewing some files in ./arch/blackfin/include for missing
> > and while tracking things down I noticed there were still some likely
> > candidates for inclusion in asm-generic...
> Ah, thanks. I basically started out with the list of files that exist in
> almost all architectures. I never looked at files that are identical in
> some architectures but nonexistent in more than a few others.
> Also, my plan is to do one architecture at a time,

Which arch are you starting with?

> not one file at a time
> across all architectures, because that will reduce the need for coordination
> between multiple maintainers.

Makes sense. I guess I saw your earlier commits changing all archs, and
thought you were doing it the other way around.

> > All seem to be the same file:
> >
> > md5sum:
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f blackfin/include/asm/fb.h
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f cris/include/asm/fb.h
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f frv/include/asm/fb.h
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f h8300/include/asm/fb.h
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f s390/include/asm/fb.h
> > 5b6b31d728ed2ed0df73c56676fdc68f xtensa/include/asm/fb.h
> Look at the latest version. Some architectures have already started
> using the generic version, e.g. blackfin.

Yeah, sorry - I was looking at our release tree - not Linus's.

> > e31d052cbba4f417ba2158a41b0d8709 arm/include/asm/fb.h
> > e31d052cbba4f417ba2158a41b0d8709 m32r/include/asm/fb.h
> > e31d052cbba4f417ba2158a41b0d8709 sh/include/asm/fb.h
> Interesting one. The only difference between these and the
> above is the use of pgprot_writecombine, which is defined as
> pgprot_noncached on the other architectures.
> > There seems to be lots of similarities in

Hmm - all I listed are already in Linus's tree...

Sorry about the noise.

> > Do you keep a list somewhere?
> Well, this is how I started out writing doing the common files
> in the first place. I looked at the most similar files, and then
> used vimdiff on up to four files at a time, changing them to
> be exactly identical by editing out all the bitrot.
> In general, if a file exists in asm-generic, it should be usable
> by some of the architectures, if it does not exist then either it
> is too hard to make a generic version or I have not looked at it
> yet.

OK -- here are some identical ones:

8253pit.h (alpha and power)
fbio.h (m68k and sparc)
md.h (h8300, alpha and m68k)

I also noticed in Linus's latest (last commit

cat arch/microblaze/include/asm/ipc.h
#include <asm-generic/ipc.h>

but: ls include/asm-generic/ipc.h
ls: cannot access include/asm-generic/ipc.h: No such file or directory


> If you want to help convert an architecture, try doing
> for i in include/asm-generic/*.h ; do
> vimdiff ${i} arch/${ARCH}/include/asm/${i##*/}
> done
> If the files are identical, replace the contents of the arch
> specific one with a simple #include <asm-generic/${i}>. If they
> are almost identical, add overrides like in
> arch/microblaze/include/asm/posix_types.h, possibly adding the
> option for overriding to the generic file. For files that
> are rather different, just leave them alone.

Will do.

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