Re: MPC85xx External/Internal Interrupts

From: Alemao
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 15:34:28 EST

I've read some posts in the list, and about:


But Im still trying to understand MPC85xx TSEC1 dts.

Gianfar driver is using request_irq(), and request_irq() uses virtual
irq, right?

Thats why in dts all irqs for TSEC1 are "offseted" of 16?

Manual | DTS
13 29
14 30
18 34

And about external IRQs, MPC8555RM doesnt have IDs for them, what
should I use to request IRQ0 using irq_create_map()??

In MPC83xx all interrupts have IDs, including IRQ0, IRQ1...
That make things much more clear.

Thanks in advance,

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