[ANNOUNCE] autofs 5.0.5 release

From: Ian Kent
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 22:44:37 EST

Hi all,

Its been a long time, I know, but finally here is release 5.0.5.
Once again there quite a lot of bug fixes.

Known issues

- Quoted strings in the master map are still not yet handled.
- There is a problem with "mount --move" in some releases of SuSE
(perhaps other distributions as well) which can cause mounts to
not be moved correctly resulting in /etc/mtab continually growing
due to invalid entries.
- When the active restart is being used it will happily re-connect a
mount that is unresponsive, perhaps because the server is not
responding. A forced expire (USR1 signal) should be enough to clean
up. However, we have had reports mounts and umounts to down servers
taking quite a while with recent kernels, I'm not sure how this will
end up at this stage so we will need to persevere with this for now.


The package can be found at:


It is autofs-5.0.5.tar.[gz|bz2]

No source rpm is there as it can be produced by using:

rpmbuild -ts autofs-5.0.5.tar.gz

and the binary rpm by using:

rpmbuild -tb autofs-5.0.5.tar.gz

See the INSTALL file for information about configure options and
kernel requirements.

Here are the entries from the CHANGELOG which outline the updates:

03/09/2009 autofs-5.0.5
- fix dumb libxml2 check
- fix nested submount expire deadlock.
- fix negative caching for non-existent map keys.
- use CLOEXEC flag.
- fix select(2) fd limit.
- make hash table scale to thousands of entries (Paul Wankadia,
Valerie Aurora Henson).
- clear the quoted flag after each character from program map input.
- use CLOEXEC flag for setmntent also.
- fix hosts map use after free.
- fix uri list locking (again).
- check for stale SASL credentials upon connect fail.
- add "forcestart" and "forcerestart" init script options to allow
use of 5.0.3 strartup behavior if required.
- always read entire file map into cache to speed lookups.
- make MAX_ERR_BUF and PARSE_MAX_BUF use easier to audit.
- make some easy alloca replacements (Valerie Aurora Henson).
- update to configure libtirpc if present.
- update to provide ipv6 name and address support.
- update to provide ipv6 address parsing.
- easy alloca replacements fix.
- add check for alternate libxml2 library for libxml2 tsd workaround.
- add check for alternate libtirpc library for libtirpc tsd workaround.
- cleanup configure defines for libtirpc.
- add WITH_LIBTIRPC to -V status report.
- add nfs mount protocol default configuration option.
- fix bad token declaration in master map parser.
- fix return start status on fail.
- fix double free in expire_proc().
- another easy alloca replacements fix.
- add LSB init script parameter block.
- fix file map lookup when reading included or nsswitch sources.
- use misc device ioctl interface by default, if available.
- fix call restorecon when misc device file doesn't exist.
- clear rpc client on lookup fail.
- fix lsb init script header.
- fix memory leak reading master map.
- fix st_remove_tasks() locking.
- reset flex scanner when setting buffer.
- zero s_magic is valid.
- use percent hack for master map keys.
- use intr option as hosts mount default.
- fix kernel includes.
- dont umount existing direct mount on master re-read.
- fix incorrect shutdown introduced by library relaod fixes.
- improve manual umount recovery.
- dont fail on ipv6 address when adding host.
- always read file maps multi map fix.
- always read file maps key lookup fixes.
- use srv query for domain dn.
- fix not releasing resources when using submounts.
- fix notify mount message path.
- remount we created mount point fix.
- fix double free in sasl_bind().
- mannual umount recovery fixes.
- fix map type info parse error.
- fix an RPC fd leak.
- don't block signals we expect to dump core.
- fix pthread push order in expire_proc_direct().
- fix libxml2 non-thread-safe calls.
- fix direct map cache locking.
- fix dont umount existing direct mount on reread.
- update kernel patches.

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