Re: Staging tree status for the .32 kernel merge

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 15:37:32 EST

>> Â Â Â - otus. ÂThis is sitting here until a "real" wireless driver
>> Â Â Â Â will be merged through the wireless tree. ÂHopefully that
>> Â Â Â Â happens soon.
> ar9170 has been in for a while now, it's just not quite at feature
> parity yet -- however that also means otus will get no work whatsoever
> from any of the wireless folks. Draw your own conclusions. Personally, I
> would drop it and let the users figure out whether they can live with
> ar9170 or need to support work on it.

Greg, as Johannes noted otus has lacked focus as Johannes whipped out
a port for it in a few weeks and then Christian gave it some final
love taps for inclusion, we just still use otus as just a source of
documentation for any yet missing feature, but for that I guess I can
just refer people to my git tree. Chris would know better where we're
at as far as feature-parity is concerned though so I'll leave it up to
him to judge whether or not having otus gets some users anything
ar9170 doesn't yet have.

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