Re: Dell-laptop is not working without wireless

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 13:16:20 EST

On Thursday 03 September 2009 09:42:35 am Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hi Dmitry:
> Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
> > On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 01:10:49PM +0100, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> >
> >
> > Admittedly I have not spend much time on it but it looks like my box
> > _really_ wants wifi interface to be fully operational before
> > dcsbas_smi_request() starts returning proper data. I wonder if iwl3945's
> > rfkill support interferes somehow here...
> >
> > Maybe Mario (being a Dell guy) has an idea why this might be happening?
> >
> >
> I'm on 2.6.31-rc8 or so. I can't actually reproduce this on a d630. I
> get all of the rfkill devices populated.

Hmm, what is the BIOS version in your box? Also, mine used to have
broadcom-based wifi and I replaced it with iwl3945, would that make
any difference?


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