Re: Staging tree status for the .32 kernel merge

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 04:50:42 EST

Hi Greg,

> - rt* wireless drivers. Bart has done amazing work merging all
> of these together into something much better than they
> originally were. And even better, they still work! Great
> job Bart!

Work on the rt2x00 project has also progressed to a point where the
drivers are getting much closer to being useful, so eventually all this
work will have been in vain.

> - vt66* wireless drivers. These VIA drivers are being actively
> worked on to get into a much better shape. Nice job.

And do they come with their own wireless stack too?

> - otus. This is sitting here until a "real" wireless driver
> will be merged through the wireless tree. Hopefully that
> happens soon.

ar9170 has been in for a while now, it's just not quite at feature
parity yet -- however that also means otus will get no work whatsoever
from any of the wireless folks. Draw your own conclusions. Personally, I
would drop it and let the users figure out whether they can live with
ar9170 or need to support work on it.

> - agnx wireless driver. No one seems to care about it. If no
> one steps up soon, it will be removed in .33.

Never really worked and the reverse engineered (!) hardware specs are
incomplete, with the main developer having given up. I think it's fair
to say that this is a dead end. I suspect the hardware isn't even
manufactured any more, at least I haven't recently seen it.

> - at76_usb wireless driver. Again, no one working on it, it
> will be dropped in .33.

There's at76c...something...-usb now, with a situation similar to the
ar9170/otus one.

> - stlc45xx. Another wireless driver that no one seems to care
> about. So sad. I guess no one will miss it when it goes away
> in .33.

p54spi has gotten probably 95% of the functionality of this, so it's
only really useful for looking at the calibration data loading on the
N800/N810 platform...


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