[PATCH v2 0/5] kmemleak: few small cleanups and clear command support

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 01:35:59 EST

This is my second revision, now tested. Does the job I was looking for.
I fixed two issues from my previous untested revision, I removed the scan
lock, and also fixed the strncmp() count.

My kmemleak output was too polluted to do on the fly debugging, adding
a clear command lets you test the sections you want when you want with
a cleared fresh list of kmemleak objects.

Still not sure who this goes through so sending this to Linus.

Luis R. Rodriguez (5):
kmemleak: use bool for true/false questions
kmemleak: add clear command support
kmemleak: move common painting code together
kmemleak: fix sparse warning over overshadowed flags
kmemleak: fix sparse warning for static declarations

Documentation/kmemleak.txt | 17 ++++++++++
mm/kmemleak.c | 72 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
2 files changed, 67 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)

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