Re: [PATCH v2] Fix fake numa on ppc

From: David Rientjes
Date: Wed Sep 02 2009 - 02:37:22 EST

On Wed, 2 Sep 2009, Ankita Garg wrote:

> Hi,
> Below is a patch to fix a couple of issues with fake numa node creation
> on ppc:
> 1) Presently, fake nodes could be created such that real numa node
> boundaries are not respected. So a node could have lmbs that belong to
> different real nodes.

On x86_64, we can use numa=off to completely disable NUMA so that all
memory and all cpus are mapped to a single node 0. That's an extreme
example of the above and is totally permissible.

> 2) The cpu association is broken. On a JS22 blade for example, which is
> a 2-node numa machine, I get the following:
> # cat /proc/cmdline
> root=/dev/sda6 numa=fake=2G,4G,,6G,8G,10G,12G,14G,16G
> # cat /sys/devices/system/node/node0/cpulist
> 0-3
> # cat /sys/devices/system/node/node1/cpulist
> 4-7
> # cat /sys/devices/system/node/node4/cpulist
> #

This doesn't show what the true NUMA topology of the machine is, could you
please post the output of

$ cat /sys/devices/system/node/node*/cpulist
$ cat /sys/devices/system/node/node*/distance
$ ls -d /sys/devices/system/node/node*/cpu[0-8]

from a normal boot without any numa=fake?

> So, though the cpus 4-7 should have been associated with node4, they
> still belong to node1. The patch works by recording a real numa node
> boundary and incrementing the fake node count. At the same time, a
> mapping is stored from the real numa node to the first fake node that
> gets created on it.

If there are multiple fake nodes on a real physical node, all cpus in that
node should appear in the cpulist for each fake node for which it has
local distance.
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