Re: expresscard hotplug not working

From: Mark Lord
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 09:11:47 EST

Matthew Garrett wrote:
On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 08:45:47AM -0400, Mark Lord wrote:

With acpiphp loaded, hotplug works on the ExpressCard slot
of my Dell i9400 notebook. Well, it *mostly* works.

Ok, that's good.

The part that is still b0rked is that inserted cards get
"forgotten" about over suspend/resume (RAM) cycles.

I can entirely believe that that's broken. Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

Great! Email me directly (or CC: me) if/when you'd like some more testing.

Another thing that could be a factor here, is that neither method
(acpiphp or pciehp) seems "automatic". The user has to know to load
one or the other module, or at least manually add them to /etc/modules.

This could account for some reports of the mechanism failing.

Shouldn't one or the other module be loaded automatically somehow
when a system has hotpluggable slots?

Probably a chicken-and-egg issue, I suppose, or something for a distro to fuss over.

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