Re: [GIT PULL, v4] S+core architecture (arch/score) support

From: liqin . chen
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 04:19:24 EST

Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx> 写于 2009-08-27 22:00:37:

> I understand your problem here, and I think it would be good
> to have second opinion from someone else here. The four
> #defines you mention are roughly in reverse order of importance.
> I think you really need to remove __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_DEPRECATED
> and get that working. Please tell us if some system call is
> giving you problems and we can find a solution together.
> Removing __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_OFF_T should not be too hard, because
> glibc uses the loff_t versions by default anyway. I have not tried
> it though, so it may be more complicated than I thought.

asm-generic/unistd.h haven't define __NR_ipc and __NR__llseek
which used in glibc.

Now we have maintained 3 sets of syscall API code use for glibc.
1: Old syscall interface, which linux/score system work well.
2: New syscall interface, define all 4 macro __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_XXX,
linux/score system work now, but we still debug the glibc code.
3: New syscall interface, without define __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_DEPRECATED
and __ARCH_WANT_SYSCALL_OFF_T, linux/score system couldn't work.
because glibc have many place need to fix.