Re: [PATCH 00/11] SFI: Simple Firmware Interface - v3

From: Len Brown
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 20:15:20 EST

> Ok, this iteration is even nicer.

Thank you, Ingo, both for the thoughtful review,
and your kind words.

> Reviewed-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx>
> A patch technical request/suggestion. I guess you'd like to keep
> these bits in the ACPI tree, so that you can test it and merge it
> with ongoing ACPI changes, right?
> That would be fine to me for all the arch/x86/ touching patches,
> except for this one:
> [PATCH 05/11] ACPI, x86: expose some IO-APIC routines when CONFIG_ACPI=n
> I'd like to pick this one up into tip:x86/apic, because there's
> ongoing work in this area. (also, by the looks of it, i'd not be
> surprised if this patch needed some testing. This is fragile code
> with quirky Kconfig dependencies.)
> I can create a standalone topic for this (based on .31-rc6),
> containing this single commit, which you could pull into the ACPI
> tree? That way we both can have this commit and nobody is held up,
> and both trees can be pushed to Linus in the .32 merge window,
> independently of each other.


Go ahead and pull that patch onto an 2.6.31-rc8 based branch from here:
git:// for-ingo

As the previous patches did not depend on it, I simply rebased that
one to rc8 and moved the other patches after it.

Yes, I use a single git database for ACPI and SFI so they can
share things such as this patch, but rather than make SFI a
branch in the ACPI tree, it has its own tree,
since most of SFI is independent of ACPI.

-Len Brown, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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