RE: MD/RAID: what's wrong with sector 1953519935?

From: Andrei Tanas
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 21:37:26 EST

> I suggest you try this:
> hdparm --read-sector 1953519935 /dev/sdb
> If that succeeds, then the sector is good at the drive.

It succeeds.

> But *If* it fails, then you could check the syslog to ensure
> that it didn't fail for some weird reason, and then *fix* it:
> hdparm --write-sector 1953519935 /dev/sdb
> This is very different from how 'dd' does writes.

The drive never did report any media errors. It just mysteriously times out once in every few hundred hours while writing the raid superblock in that sector.

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