Re: MD/RAID: what's wrong with sector 1953519935?

From: Ric Wheeler
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 06:34:36 EST

On 08/25/2009 11:45 PM, Andrei Tanas wrote:
I would suggest that Andrei might try to write and clear the IO
at that
offset. You can use Mark Lord's hdparm to clear a specific sector or
just do the
math (carefully!) and dd over it. It the write succeeds (without
bumping your
remapped sectors count) this is a likely match to this problem,
I've tried dd multiple times, it always succeeds, and the relocated
count is currently 1 on this drive, even though this particular fault
happened at least 3 times so far.

I would bump that count way up (say to 2) and see if you have an
Not sure what you mean by this: how can I artificially bump the relocated
sector count?

Sorry - you need to set the tunable:


to something like "2" to prevent that sector from being a hotspot...


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