From: Mike Galbraith
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 04:02:50 EST

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 13:29 +0300, raz ben yehuda wrote:

> OFFSCHED is bad name to my project. My project is called SOS = Service
> Oriented System.
> SOS, has nothing to do with Real time.


The paper you pointed me at maintains it's very much about realtime.

This paper argues that OFFSCHED fits to the niche of Multiprocessors
real time systems by partitioning a system to two; the operating system
and OFFSCHED. OFFSHCED is a hybrid system. It is hybrid because it is
both real time and still a regular Linux server. Real time is mainly
achieved by the NMI characteristic and the CPU isolation. It is a hybrid
system because OFFSCHED scheduler interacts with the operating system.


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