crypto configuration / dependencies broken

From: Celejar
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 19:59:00 EST

I'm having a pretty bizarre problem with my kernel crypto
configuration. I need support for a bog standard LUKS (aes /
cbc-essiv:sha256) / cryptsetup installation, but even after I enable
virtually everything in the crypto section of the kernel configs, cbc
fails to load. All the relevant modules are exist (dm-mod, dm-crypt,
crypto_blkcipher, crypto_algapi, crypto_hash, aes_generic,
sha256_generic), but even after modprobing / insmoding
everything, /proc/crypto shows that aes and sha is there, but not cbc.

The problem has been reproduced (using my kernel config) by Jonas
Meurer, the Debian cryptsetup maintainer, so it's not just me ;).
We've tried numerous different kernel versions in the .30 / .31 range.

Does this mean that something else somewhere in the kernel needs to be
configured but isn't, and the necessary dependency isn't properly

My config is at:;filename=config-2.6.31-rc6-lizzie-00042-gb2add73;att=1;bug=541835

[I'm not subscribed to lkml; please cc me on responses]

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