Re: [rtc-linux] Re: [PATCH] x86: i2c rtc instead of cmos rtc

From: Alessandro Zummo
Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 14:41:21 EST

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009 11:21:58 -0800
Ed Swierk <eswierk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In our embedded application it's more convenient to build all the
> drivers needed to support various hardware configurations into the
> kernel, and avoid messing with modules. This works fine for devices
> that can be detected dynamically, but RTC chips are among the few that
> need to be configured statically; my change just relaxes the current
> assumption that all x86 boards have a usable CMOS RTC.

While I can't judge on what's convenient to you, I do not feel
fine in having a kernel option to disable the rtc and another to load
a specific i2c one.

However, if there's a strong consensus from other people
on the matter, I will close an eye and pretend I haven't seen
the patch slipping thru :)


Best regards,

Alessandro Zummo,
Tower Technologies - Torino, Italy

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