Re: [PATCH] rtc-ds1307: True SMBus compatibility

From: David Brownell
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 16:06:33 EST

On Sunday 25 January 2009, Ed Swierk wrote:
> Here's another attempt at a patch for rtc-ds1307 that allows the driver
> to work with SMBus controllers like nforce2 that do not support i2c
> block transfers. The byte-oriented compatibility routines now give up
> after 10 unsuccessful attempts to read or write a block of registers
> without conflict.
> Signed-off-by: Ed Swierk <eswierk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well, other than the *conceptual* ugliness of this (which
we seem to be stuck with, courtesy the board designer) ...
I have two patch format issues:

- Always put a line of whitespace after variable

- Include text like the above as part of the patch,
even if you're stuck with a mailer that mangles
non-attached text.

You're using Evolution, which is mentioned in the
Documentation/email-clients.txt file as having a
way (albeit awkward) to send normal patch email.

Given those changes:

Acked-by: David Brownell <dbrownell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


- Dave
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