From: Peter Hallberg
Date: Sat Jan 24 2009 - 11:23:34 EST

>> How does one write stuff like
>> if the 4 digit EXTRA_VERSION also is needed?u
> if you need that something is wrong....
> can you be more elaborate in what you're trying to achieve ?

Between 2.6.28 and you changed the function grab_cache_page to grab_cache_page_write_begin and added a flags argument. Since I maintain an separate filesystem module I need to take care of this.
>From the change log:
commit 4f093b80fa8facbd22fa36c00242e2fffa36e12f
Author: Nick Piggin
Date: Sun Jan 4 12:00:53 2009 -0800

fs: symlink write_begin allocation context fix

commit 54566b2c1594c2326a645a3551f9d989f7ba3c5e upstream.
Change grab_cache_page to
accept a nofs argument as well, to honour that flag (while we're there,
change the name to grab_cache_page_write_begin which is more instructive
and does away with random leading underscores).

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