Re: libata, devm_*, and MSI ?

From: Grant Grundler
Date: Tue Jan 20 2009 - 13:52:12 EST

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 10:16 AM, Mark Lord <liml@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> I don't think that's necessary if free_irq() or disable_irq() are called.
>> However, I'm not seeing those get called either.
> The linux/Documentation/PCI/MSI-HOWTO.txt information is rather explicit
> about it, and the pci core code does seem to expect it.

It looks like pci_disable_msi() requires free_irq() to be called first in order
to guarantee the vectors are no longer in use. But I didn't see any code to
enforce that. Which code was "expecting free_irq()" to be called?

I've learned that anything in Documentation/ is explicit - and sometimes stale
and/or just missing (like you are rediscovering). Two years ago I took a whack
at Documentation/PCI/pci.txt and it's probably time to revisit that again and
add references to pci_intx().

> Those calls to pci_intx() are definitely redundant,
> as the pci core already does that for us on the relevant paths.

True. Want to submit a patch to remove the redundant code?

>>> Perhaps somebody from the PCI side of things might enlighten us all.
>> Shows when pci_intx() was added. linux-pci was NOT cc'd on that email.
>> And no one asked for Documentation/ update. C'est la vie.
> ..
> I still think the documentation matches the code in the pci core, though.

Yeah, I think you are right.


> Patch for sata_mv coming shortly.
> Cheers
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