Compliment of the seasion.

From: Benjamian Evans
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 08:05:57 EST

Compliment of the seasion.
I know you will be surprise to see my mail, firstly how re you and your family, I hope all is well. I take a decision to reach you on good faith, believing that you will have time to deal with the purpose of this mail and input all necessary required assistant I hope to get from you to bring the purpose to a successful end.

I want to know if you can create time to focus on a very important deal at this time, is very important I know your schedule to avoid delay of the project I want to hand over to you. I will give you information about myself when I get your reply indicating interest to work on a project that is not your usual daily activities.

This project will yield good fortunes and peace of mind, which is the only thing I can tell you about the project for now.
I wish to see your reply as soon as possible with your mobile private number on it.
kindly REPLY ON Email,benjaminevans1@xxxxxxxx
Thanks and enjoy the day

Benjamin Evans

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