KALLSYMS always enabled in 'make gconfig' on PS3 kernel

From: Simon W Bock
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 01:29:51 EST

Hi All,
this seems to be the most appropriate place to report it...

I try to compile a kernel on and for the PS3 using Geoff Levand's
and did a 'make ps3_defconfig' before doing 'make gconfig'.
Now I'd care much more for 300k less in kernel size than for full
symbols in the OOPS, so I would like to deselect KALLSYMS and
KALLSYMS_ALL. The latter is even suggested to disable in the help text.
But whatever I do, those two are always selected. Even when I deselect
them using vi, the next time I do a 'make gconfig' on the config-file
they are on again.

Is this done for some special reason? Or can they be turned off?
Thank you,

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