Re: 2.6.29-rc1 Firefox crashing on page load

From: Justin P. Mattock
Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 04:11:33 EST

Justin Madru wrote:
Justin P. Mattock wrote:
I'm not seeing this with firefox over here.
The setup I have is the latest beta,
located in /usr/lib/firefox/ with a soft link to /usr/bin/
I don't have gnome2 vfs installed though.
just a bare firefox with 2 plugins(flash,null)
located in /.mozilla/plugins/
for restorecon.

not sure what distro you have, but with ubuntu
I noticed a quit a bit of other links created.
that is installing through apt-get, rather
just downloading the source and putting it wherever.


Justin P. Mattock

I'm running ubuntu 8.10, with 2 custom kernels 2.6.28 and 2.6.29-rc2.

I've done a little bit more testing. This time with 4 version of firefox (3.0.5-ubuntu, 3.0.4, 3.1.b2, 3.2.a1) straight from, except the ubuntu one.
What I found is that all versions crash when loading iGoogle, sofar the only site that makes it crash, except 3.2a1.
Since iGoogle is my hompage, they all crash once loading is done (except 3.2a1), unless I'm fast enough and load a different page.
But, _every_ version crashes if I go to Preferences->Main or Preferences->Applications.

None of this crashing happens if I'm booted into a .28 kernel, only on a .29-rc kernel.
Henceforth, I still think it's a kernel regression, but one that's going to be almost impossible to debug!
I've hit the most narrow minded bug on the planet! Very sad....
Seems like I always hit the undebugable regressions that nobody else sees ;-(

Justin Madru

what happens when you download the source?
then once unpacked issue ./firefox
just to see what happens without any plugins/apps.

over here I have the beta no apps
basically as light as possible just flash
(since all web sites use that.)

I did have a crash though,
but was due to me not allowing
an allow rule for SELinux(too lazy at the moment);
but besides any allow rules I'm not having any issues.
(knock on wood).

you can also try renaming gnome2 gconf and
.mozilla just to see


Justin P. Mattock
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