Re: Linux 2.6.29-rc2

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 16:01:25 EST

On Fri, 16 Jan 2009, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> I'm not sure exactly what the limit for the kernel mailing list email size
> is, but I _think_ the shortlog should fit, at just over 32kB. It's short
> enough that people can read it an see what kind of silly small buglets got
> fixed, but I'll send it as a follow-up to this email in case it's big
> enough to trigger list limits for people.

So here's the ShortLog..

Al Viro (1):
m68k: Fix --build-id breakage for sun3

Alan Cox (6):
pty: Fix documentation
neo: Remove a bogus NULL check
usb-serial: remove NULL check
pata_it821x: Update RDC UDMA handling
tty: Fix race in the flush for some ldiscs
tty: Fix a kref leak in the HSO driver on re-open

Alessandro Zummo (1):
rtc: tw4030 add alarm/update interfaces

Alex Murray (1):
hwmon: applesmc: fix light sensor readings on newer MacBooks

Alexander Beregalov (1):
irda: fix incomplete conversation to internal stats

Alexey Starikovskiy (2):
ACPI: EC: Limit workaround for ASUS notebooks even more
ACPI: EC: Don't trust ECDT tables from ASUS

Alistair John Strachan (3):
hwmon: (abituguru3) Match partial DMI board name strings
hwmon: (abituguru3) Enable DMI probing feature on IN9 32X MAX
hwmon: (abituguru3) Fix CONFIG_DMI=n fallback to probe

Andi Kleen (1):
x86: avoid theoretical vmalloc fault loop

Andreas Bombe (1):
m68k: amiflop - Get rid of sleep_on calls

Andreas Herrmann (3):
hwmon: (k8temp) Warn about fam F rev F errata
hwmon: (k8temp) Fix wrong sensor selection for AMD K8 RevF/RevG CPUs
hwmon: (k8temp) Fix temperature reporting for (most) K8 RevG CPUs

Andreas Schwab (1):
m68k: Wire up sys_restart_syscall

Andrew Morton (5):
smp_call_function_single(): be slightly less stupid
kernel/up.c: omit it if SMP=y, USE_GENERIC_SMP_HELPERS=n
revert "mm: vmalloc use mutex for purge"
lib/idr.c: use kmem_cache_zalloc() for the idr_layer cache
drivers/ata/pata_ali.c: s/isa_bridge/ali_isa_bridge/ to fix alpha build

Andrew Price (1):
rt2x00: Fix radio LED type check

Andrey Yurovsky (1):
libertas_tf: return NETDEV_TX_OK in TX op

Andy Whitcroft (9):
sysrq documentation: remove the redundant updated date
sysrq documentation: document why the command header only is shown
sysrq: add commentary on why we use the console loglevel over using KERN_EMERG
checkpatch: handle missing #if open in context
checkpatch: type/cast spacing should not check prefix spacing
checkpatch: allow parentheses on return handle array values
checkpatch: if should not continue a preceeding brace
checkpatch: struct seq_operations should normally be const
checkpatch: version: 0.27

Anirban Chakraborty (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Fix ISP restart bug in multiq code

Anirban Sinha (1):
MIPS: 64-bit: Use generic 32-bit ptrace compat code.

Anton Vorontsov (4):
gianfar: Fix soft lockup with multi-interrupt TSECs
powerpc/83xx: Make serial ports work on MPC8315E-RDB w/ FSL U-Boots
powerpc/83xx: Move mcu_mpc8349emitx driver out of drivers/i2c/chips/
phylib: Fix Freescale TBI PHY detection

Antonio Ospite (1):
rtc-pxa: fix build failure

Arjan van de Ven (2):
script: improve to also decode oopses in modules
async: fix __lowest_in_progress()

Atsushi Nemoto (1):
tx4938ide: Fix build error due to read_sff_dma_status moving

Ayaz Abdulla (4):
forcedeth: xmit lock fix
forcedeth: version bump and copyright
forcedeth: remove mgmt unit for mcp79 chipset
forcedeth: napi schedule lock fix

Balaji Rao (7):
mfd: PCF50633 core driver
mfd: PCF50633 adc driver
mfd: PCF50633 gpio support
rtc: PCF50633 rtc driver
power_supply: PCF50633 battery charger driver
input: PCF50633 input driver
regulator: PCF50633 pmic driver

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (6):
ide: fix accidental LOCKDEP breakage caused by local_irq_set() removal
ide: can't use SSD/non-rotational queue flag for all CFA devices
via82cxxx: fix cable warning message
sl82c105: remove dead code
ide: fix suspend regression

Ben Dooks (3):
mfd: Ensure sm501 GPIO pin mode is GPIO when configured
IDE: fix sparse signed-ness errors with host->host_busy
gpio: fix probe() error return in gpio driver probes

Ben Hutchings (1):
sfc: SFT9001: Fix condition for LNPGA power-off

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (4):
powerpc: Fix cpufreq drivers after cpufreq core changes
powerpc/powermac: Fix occasional SMP boot failure
[CVE-2009-0029] powerpc: Enable syscall wrappers for 64-bit
net: Add init_dummy_netdev() and fix EMAC driver using it

Bernd Schmidt (1):
Fix timeouts in sys_pselect7

Bob Copeland (1):
ath5k: fix return values from ath5k_tx

Brandon Philips (2):
it821x: Add ultra_mask quirk for Vortex86SX
it821x.c: use dev->revision instead of pci_read_config_byte

Brent Casavant (1):
[IA64] generic_defconfig: Enable SATA_VITESSE

Brian Hinz (1):
ALSA: hda - Add codec ID for MCP73 HDMI

Chris Adams (3):
ti_usb_3410_5052: support alternate firmware
ti_usb_3410_5052: add Multi-Tech modem support
ti_usb_3410_5052: add Multi-Tech firmware

Chris Mason (2):
Btrfs: Clear the device->running_pending flag before bailing on congestion
Btrfs: fix ioctl arg size (userland incompatible change!)

Christian Borntraeger (1):
ata: fix wrong WARN_ON_ONCE

Christian Lamparter (5):
p54: crypto offload fixes
p54usb: fix random traffic stalls (LM87)
minstrel: fix warning if lowest supported rate index is not 0
p54: fix WARN_ON at line 2247 of net/mac80211/rx.c
mac80211: initialize RC data for all mesh links upon allocation

Christoph Hellwig (4):
[XFS] pass XFS_IGET_BULKSTAT to xfs_iget for handle operations
[XFS] fix compile of xfs_btree_readahead_lblock on m68k
[XFS] truncate readdir offsets to signed 32 bit values
[XFS] make xfs_ino_t an unsigned long long

Clemens Fruhwirth (1):
ALSA: hda - Fix typos for AD1882 codecs

Clemens Ladisch (1):
sound: virtuoso: do not overwrite EEPROM on Xonar D2/D2X

Clifford Wolf (1):
netdev: gianfar: add MII ioctl handler

Cyrill Gorcunov (1):
net: ppp_generic - fix regressions caused by IDR conversion

Daisuke Nishimura (4):
memcg: fix mem_cgroup_get_reclaim_stat_from_page
memcg: fix error path of mem_cgroup_move_parent
memcg: fix hierarchical reclaim
memcg: make oom less frequently

Dan Williams (1):
net_dma: acquire/release dma channels on ifup/ifdown

Daniel Gagnon (1):
serial: Add SupraExpress 336i PnP Voice Modem

Daniel Wu (1):
iwlwifi: Fix typo in iwl-commands.h for CCK rate bit range.

Daniele Venzano (1):
sis900: generate fake MAC address if the hardware doesn't have one

Dave Airlie (3):
drm/i915: setup sarea properly in master_priv
drm/i915: add support for physical memory objects
drm/i915: lock correct mutex around object unreference.

Dave Kleikamp (1):
powerpc: is_hugepage_only_range() must account for both 4kB and 64kB slices

David Brownell (3):
mfd: dm355 evm MMC/SD card detection
drivers/usb/core/hub.c: fix CONFIG_USB_OTG=y build

David Daney (22):
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON processor CSR definitions
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON processor support files to arch/mips/cavium-octeon/executive and asm/octeon.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON processor support files to arch/mips/cavium-octeon.
MIPS: For Cavium OCTEON handle hazards as per the R10000 handling.
MIPS: For Cavium OCTEON set hwrena and lazily restore CP2 state.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON specific register definitions to mipsregs.h
MIPS: Override assembler target architecture for octeon.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON processor constants and CPU probe.
MIPS: Hook Cavium OCTEON cache init into cache.c
MIPS: Hook up Cavium OCTEON in arch/mips.
MIPS: Modify core io.h macros to account for the Octeon Errata Core-301.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON cop2/cvmseg state entries to processor.h.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON specific registers to ptrace.h and asm-offsets.c
MIPS: Add SMP_ICACHE_FLUSH for the Cavium CPU family.
MIPS: Cavium OCTEON multiplier state preservation.
MIPS: Compute branch returns for Cavium OCTEON specific branch instructions.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON slot into proper tlb category.
MIPS: Adjust the dma-common.c platform hooks.
MIPS: Add defconfig for Cavium OCTEON.
MIPS: Add Cavium OCTEON to arch/mips/Kconfig
libata: Add another column to the ata_timing table.
libata: New driver for OCTEON SOC Compact Flash interface (v7).

David Graham (1):
e1000e: Add process name to WARN message when detecting Mutex contention

David Kilroy (1):
orinoco: take the driver lock in the rx tasklet

David Miller (1):
sparc64: Fix cpumask related build failure

David S. Miller (7):
sparc: Update 32-bit defconfig.
sparc: Fix sun4d_irq.c build.
sparc: Most unaligned_64.c tweaks for branch tracer warnings.
sparc: Fix asm/signal.h for 32-bit.
sparc64: Fix UP build failure.
ARM etherh: Fix build failure.
xfrm: For 32/64 compatability wrt. xfrm_usersa_info

David Teigland (2):
dlm: fix seq_file usage in debugfs lock dump
dlm: change rsbtbl rwlock to spinlock

David Woodhouse (1):
CREDITS address update for dwmw2.

Dean Nelson (1):
sgi-xp: eliminate false detection of no heartbeat

Denis Joseph Barrow (3):
hso: driver fix for big endian machines.
tty: Fix double grabbing of a spinlock
hso serial throttled tty kref fix.

Dhananjay Phadke (9):
netxen: fix endianness in firmware commands
netxen: fix ipv6 offload and tx cleanup
netxen: fix link speed reporting for some boards
netxen: firmware init fix
netxen: cleanup mac list on driver unload
netxen: hold tx lock while sending firmware commands
netxen: handle dma mapping failures
netxen: avoid invalid iounmap
netxen: include ipv6.h (fixes build failure)

Dirk Hohndel (1):
Prevent oops at boot with VT-d

Doug Chapman (1):
[IA64] dump stack on kernel unaligned warnings

Eilon Greenstein (13):
bnx2x: Using singlethread work queue
bnx2x: Missing memory barriers
bnx2x: Using system page size for SGE
bnx2x: Missing mask when calculating flow control
bnx2x: Flow control updated before reporting the link
bnx2x: Protecting the link change indication
bnx2x: VLAN tagged packets without VLAN offload
bnx2x: Endianness issues
bnx2x: Fixing the doorbell size
bnx2x: Missing brackets
bnx2x: Indirection table initialization index
bnx2x: MTU Filter
bnx2x: First slow path interrupt race

Eric Dumazet (1):
b44: GFP_DMA skb should not escape from driver

Eric Piel (1):
lis3lv02d: merge with leds hp disk

Eric Sandeen (3):
[XFS] Remove several unused typedefs.
[XFS] Remove macro-to-function indirections in attr code
[XFS] Remove macro-to-function indirections in the mask code

Erik Ekman (1):
Wireless: Fix Kconfig fact error

Felix Fietkau (1):
b44: fix misalignment and wasted space in rx handling

Florian Fainelli (4):
r6040: fix ifconfig down and freeing of tx/rx descriptors
r6040: generate random ethernet MAC address when not initialized
r6040: no longer mark r6040 as being experimental
r6040: bump release to 0.21

Frank Blaschka (1):
qeth: fix usage of netdev_ops

Geert Uytterhoeven (25):
fbdev: atafb - Fix line length handling
fbdev: atafb - Fix 16 bpp console
fbdev: c2p - Correct indentation
fbdev: c2p - Cleanups
fbdev: c2p - Extract common c2p core to c2p_core.h
fbdev: c2p/atafb - Add support for Atari interleaved bitplanes
fbdev: c2p - Rename c2p to c2p_planar
m68k: Kill several external declarations in source files
m68k: amiga core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: apollo core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: atari core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: hp300 core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: mac core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: mvme147 core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: sun3 core - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: vme_scc - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: ser_a2232 - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: amiserial - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: atafb - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: dio - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: zorro - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: dmasound - Kill warn_unused_result warnings
m68k: dio - Kill resource_size_t format warnings
m68k: zorro - Use %pR to print resources
fbdev: Kill Atari vblank cursor blinking

Gerrit Renker (1):
dccp ccid-3: Fix RFC reference

Giuseppe Bilotta (1):
ALSA: hda - Add quirk for another HP dv5

Grant Likely (1):
powerpc/mpc52xx: Properly update irq_desc when set_type() is called.

Hannes Reinecke (1):
[SCSI] Skip deleted devices in __scsi_device_lookup_by_target()

Harvey Harrison (3):
RDMA/nes: Fix for NIPQUAD removal
cris: introduce asm/swab.h
byteorder: make swab.h include asm/swab.h like a regular header

Heiko Carstens (43):
[CVE-2009-0029] Move compat system call declarations to compat header file
[CVE-2009-0029] Convert all system calls to return a long
[CVE-2009-0029] Rename old_readdir to sys_old_readdir
[CVE-2009-0029] Remove __attribute__((weak)) from sys_pipe/sys_pipe2
[CVE-2009-0029] Make sys_pselect7 static
[CVE-2009-0029] Make sys_syslog a conditional system call
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrapper infrastructure
[CVE-2009-0029] s390: enable system call wrappers
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrapper special cases
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 01
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 02
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 03
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 04
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 05
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 06
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 07
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 08
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 09
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 10
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 11
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 12
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 13
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 14
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 15
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 16
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 17
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 18
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 19
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 20
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 21
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 22
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 23
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 24
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 25
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 26
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 27
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 28
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 29
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 30
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 31
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 32
[CVE-2009-0029] System call wrappers part 33
[CVE-2009-0029] s390 specific system call wrappers

Helge Deller (1):
fix early_serial_setup() regression

Hendrik Brueckner (1):
hvc_console: Remove tty->low_latency

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (12):
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: update documents for the new location
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: debug facility to emulate the rf switches
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: resume with radios disabled
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: preserve radio state across shutdown
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: add UWB radio support
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: use killable instead of interruptible mutexes
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: clean up hotkey_notify()
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: handle HKEY thermal and battery alarms
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: start the event hunt season
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: clean-up fan subdriver quirk
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: handle HKEY event 6030
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: bump up version to 0.22

Herbert Xu (7):
ipcomp: Remove spurious truesize increase
netfilter 02/09: bridge: Fix handling of non-IP packets in FORWARD/POST_ROUTING
netfilter 03/09: bridge: Disable PPPOE/VLAN processing by default
ipv6: Fix fib6_dump_table walker leak
gro: Check for GSO packets and packets with frag_list
gro: Fix page ref count for skbs freed normally
gso: Ensure that the packet is long enough

ILLES, Marton (1):
[SCSI] Add SUN Universal Xport to no attach blacklist

Ilpo JÃrvinen (3):
indentation & braces disagree - add braces
misdn: one handmade ARRAY_SIZE converted
misdn: indentation and braces disagree - add braces

Inaky Perez-Gonzalez (1):
wimax: fix typo in kernel-doc for debugfs_dentry in struct wimax_dev

Ingo Molnar (6):
smp_call_function_single(): be slightly less stupid, fix
Revert "sched: improve preempt debugging"
smp_call_function_single(): be slightly less stupid, fix #2
Revert "cpumask: use work_on_cpu in acpi-cpufreq.c for drv_read and drv_write"
Revert "i386: add TRACE_IRQS_OFF for the nmi"
powerpc: Change u64/s64 to a long long integer type

Isaku Yamahata (1):
[IA64] Update to use account_{steal,idle}_ticks

Itai Levi (1):
atmel_serial: fix flow control bug

Ivan Kokshaysky (6):
alpha: fix vmalloc breakage
alpha: nautilus - fix compile failure with gcc-4.3
alpha: nautilus - fix hang on boot
alpha: fix RTC on marvel
alpha: .gitignore
alpha: make pte_alloc_one_kernel() inline

Ivo van Doorn (4):
rt2x00: Fix TX short preamble detection
rt2x00: Fix segementation fault
Fix rt2500usb HW crypto: TKIP
rt2x00: Fix rt2500usb HW crypto: WEP 128 & AES

James Bottomley (1):
ACPI PCI hotplug: harden against panic regression

Jan Engelhardt (2):
netfilter 05/09: ebtables: fix inversion in match code
netfilter 08/09: xt_time: print timezone for user information

Jan Kara (1):
ext2: also update the inode on disk when dir is IS_DIRSYNC

Jarek Poplawski (2):
pkt_sched: sch_htb: Consider used jiffies in htb_do_events()
pkt_sched: sch_htb: Break all htb_do_events() after 2 jiffies

Jason Jin (1):
powerpc: Fix the ide suspend function in uli1575

Jaswinder Singh Rajput (3):
x86: fix mpparse.c build error on latest git
x86: fix apic.c build error on latest git
include of <linux/types.h> is preferred over <asm/types.h>

Jeff Garzik (1):
[libata] get-identity ioctl: Fix use of invalid memory pointer

Jesper Dangaard Brouer (1):
qlge: Naming interrupt vectors

Jesse Barnes (5):
drm/i915: don't enable vblanks on disabled pipes
drm/i915: set vblank enabled flag correctly across IRQ install/uninstall
drm: initial KMS config fixes
drm: handle depth & bpp changes correctly
drm/i915: make LVDS fixed mode a preferred mode

Jim Paris (1):
ftdi_sio: fix kref leak

Jiri Slaby (1):
8250_pci: add support for netmos 9835 IBM devices

Johannes Berg (1):
rtl8187: Fix module so that rmmod/insmod does not error

John Keller (1):
[IA64] SN specific version of dma_get_required_mask()

John Linn (1):
Xilinx: SPI: updated driver for device tree

John W. Linville (5):
mac80211: fix "âretâ may be used uninitialized" warning
b43: fix "âgmodeâ may be used uninitialized" warning
b43legacy: fix "âup_devâ may be used uninitialized" warning
iwl3945: fix "âpower_idxâ may be used uninitialized" warning
p54: fix "âretâ may be used uninitialized" warning

Jon Smirl (1):
drivers/of: Add the of_find_i2c_device_by_node function.

Jonathan McDowell (1):
eeepc-laptop: enable Bluetooth ACPI details

Jordan Crouse (1):
hwmon: Add a driver for the ADT7475 hardware monitoring chip

Jos-Vicente Gilabert (1):
drivers/net/irda/irda-usb.c: fix buffer overflow

JosephChan@xxxxxxxxxx (1):
sata_via: Add VT8261 support

Jouni Malinen (2):
ath9k: Enforce module build if rfkill is a module
ath9k: Revert fix to TX status reporting for retries and MCS index

Julia Lawall (8):
net/tipc/bcast.h: use ARRAY_SIZE
net/bridge/netfilter: move a dereference below a NULL test
drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN: move a dereference below a NULL test
drivers/net/hamradio/6pack.c: move a dereference below a NULL test
drivers/net/wireless/libertas: move a dereference below a NULL test
MIPS: Alchemy: Change strict_strtol to strict_strtoul
drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN: move a dereference below a NULL test
netfilter 07/09: simplify nf_conntrack_alloc() error handling

Julian Calaby (2):
sparc: Kill exports of prom internal functions
sparc: Eliminate PROMLIB_INTERNAL as it does nothing

Karen Xie (1):
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: make padbuf non-static

Kars de Jong (2):
m68k: Add to .gitignore
m68k: zorro - Add devlist.h and gen-devlist to .gitignore

Karsten Keil (2):
Make parameter debug writable
Fix small typo

Kashyap, Desai (3):
[SCSI] mpt fusion: Update MPI Headers to version 01.05.19
[SCSI] mpt fusion: Add separate msi enable disable for FC,SPI,SAS
[SCSI] mpt fusion: Add Firmware debug support

Kay Sievers (1):
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(), dev_set_name()

Krzysztof HaÅasa (2):
WAN: Fix NAPI interface in IXP4xx HSS driver.
net: Fix a comment in include/linux/netdevice.h.

Kumar Gala (2):
powerpc/85xx: Fix PCIe error interrupts
powerpc/e500mc: Doorbells need to be taken w/exceptions disabled

Kyle McMartin (1):
x86, mtrr: fix types used in userspace exported header

Lachlan McIlroy (1):
[XFS] Update maintainers

Larry Finger (2):
p54usb: Fix to prevent SKB memory allocation errors with 4K page size
rtl8180: Fix to add STA mode

Len Brown (2):
dell-laptop: move to drivers/platform/x86/ from drivers/misc/
ACPI: rename main.c to sleep.c

Leonardo Potenza (1):
net: fix section mismatch warnings in dccp/ccids/lib/tfrc.c

Li Zefan (6):
sched: partly revert "sched debug: remove NULL checking in print_cfs_rt_rq()"
cgroups: clean up Kconfig
cgroups: consolidate cgroup documents
idr: fix wrong kernel-doc
memcg: fix section mismatch
memcg: fix a race when setting memory.swappiness

Lin Ming (1):
sched: sched_slice() fixlet

Linus Torvalds (3):
Revert "x86 PAT: remove CPA WARN_ON for zero pte"
Revert "PCI PM: Register power state of devices during initialization"
Linux 2.6.29-rc2

Lukasz Wojnilowicz (1):
ALSA: hda - Add quirks for Acer Aspire 5930G and 6930G

Luke Yelavich (1):
ALSA: hda - Add automatic model setting for Samsung Q45

Magnus Damm (1):
ax88796: start_xmit fix using net_device_ops

Manuel Lauss (14):
MIPS: Alchemy: Move development board code to common subdirectory
MIPS: Alchemy: devboards: consolidate files
MIPS: Alchemy: move commandline mangling out of common code
MIPS: Alchemy: update core interrupt code.
MIPS: Alchemy: pb1200: update CPLD cascade irq handler.
MIPS: Print irq handler description
MIPS: Alchemy: remove get/set_au1x00_lcd_clock().
MIPS: Alchemy: remove cpu_table.
MIPS: make cp0 counter clocksource/event usable as fallback.
MIPS: Alchemy: RTC counter clocksource / clockevent support.
MIPS: Alchemy: move calc_clock function.
MIPS: Alchemy: Fix up PM code on Au1550/Au1200
MIPS: Alchemy: dbdma suspend/resume support.
MIPS: Alchemy: new userspace suspend interface for development boards.

Marcus Meissner (1):
Documentation/accounting/getdelays.c: fix endless loop

Mark Brown (1):
[WATCHDOG] wm8350: Fix section annotations

Martin Bachem (1):
BUGFIX: used NULL pointer at ioctl(sk,IMGETDEVINFO,&devinfo) when not registered

Martyn Welch (2):
[WATCHDOG] Basic support for GE Fanuc's FPGA based watchdog timer
[WATCHDOG] Enable watchdog timer on GE Fanuc's SBC610

Masami Hiramatsu (1):
kprobes: check CONFIG_FREEZER instead of CONFIG_PM

Matthew Ranostay (1):
ALSA: hda: stac92hd8xxx amp mixers

Matthias Fuchs (1):
serial: Add 16850 uart type support to OF uart driver

Matti Halme (1):
rtc: rtc-twl4030 don't mask alarm interrupts on shutdown

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (4):
ALSA: hda - Add a new function to seek for a codec ID
ALSA: patch_sigmatel: Add missing Gateway entries and autodetection
ALSA: hda - More fixes on Gateway entries
edac: add MAINTAINERS entry for i5400 EDAC driver

Michael Ellerman (1):
powerpc: Enable PS3 options and QPACE in ppc64_defconfig

Michael Hennerich (1):
video/framebuffer: fix bug: jpegview cannot work on framebuffer device other than 16BPP

Michael Neuling (1):
powerpc: Get the number of SLBs from "slb-size" property

Michal Sojka (1):
sata_fsl: Return non-zero on error in probe()

Michiel (1):
p54usb: Add USB ID for Thomson Speedtouch 121g

Mike Ditto (1):
powerpc/fs_enet: Add missing irq free in error path.

Milton Miller (6):
powerpc: Make dummy section a valid note header
powerpc/kexec: Check crash_base for relocatable kernel
hvc_console: Change an mb() to smp_mb() and add some comments
hvc_console: Call free_irq() only if request_irq() was successful
hvc_console: Do not set low_latency when using interrupts
hvc_console: Use kzalloc() instead of kmalloc() + memset()

Mischa Jonker (1):
When a break signal is detected, the next character should be ignored.

Nathan Lynch (1):
powerpc/cacheinfo: Rename cache_dir per-cpu variable

Nick Piggin (3):
[XFS] remove old vmap cache
[XFS] use scalable vmap API
mm: fix assertion

Nicolas Pitre (1):
[ARM] 5364/1: allow flush_ioremap_region() to be used from modules

Oliver Hartkopp (1):
can: fix slowpath issue in hrtimer callback function

Patrick McHardy (3):
netfilter 01/09: remove "happy cracking" message
netfilter 04/09: x_tables: fix match/target revision lookup
netfilter 06/09: nf_conntrack: fix ICMP/ICMPv6 timeout sysctls on big-endian

Paul Bolle (2):
i4l: do not print a warning when shutting down an i4l ppp interface
i4l: minor cleanups

Paul E. McKenney (1):
rcu: fix bug in rcutorture system-shutdown code

Paul Fulghum (1):
synclink_gt: enable RI interrupt

Pavel Machek (4):
MAINTAINERS: add entry for freezer
nbd: do not allow two clients at the same time
lis3: fix documentation to fit into 80 columns
hp_accel: do not call ACPI from invalid context

Pavel Roskin (2):
orinoco_cs: add ID for ARtem Onair Comcard 11
mac80211: allow mode change if IBSS is not allowed

Peter Ujfalusi (4):
ASoC: Merge the soc_value_enum to soc_enum struct
ASoC: TWL4030: Change the soc_value_enum back to soc_enum
ASoC: TWL4030: Module unloading fix
ASoC: Fix the power update function for snd_soc_dapm_value_mux

Peter W Morreale (1):
Update of Documentation: vm.txt and proc.txt

Peter Zijlstra (5):
lockdep, mm: fix might_fault() annotation
sched: fix bandwidth validation for UID grouping
sched: SCHED_IDLE weight change
sched: SCHED_OTHER vs SCHED_IDLE isolation
sched: fix update_min_vruntime

Phil Sutter (9):
korina: fix usage of driver_data
korina: reset resource buffer size to 1536
korina: disable napi on close and restart
korina: rework korina_rx() for use with napi
korina: do schedule napi after testing for it
korina: do tx at the right position
korina: fix handling tx_chain_tail
korina: do not stop queue here
korina: do not use IRQF_SHARED with IRQF_DISABLED

Qinghuang Feng (1):
btrfs & squashfs: Move btrfs and squashfsto's magic number to <linux/magic.h>

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
PM: Fix freezer compilation if PM_SLEEP is unset

Ralf Baechle (1):
MIPS: Only write c0_framemask on CPUs which have this register.

Randy Dunlap (3):
IB/iser: Add dependency on INFINIBAND_ADDR_TRANS
jbd: fix missing kernel-doc
resources: fix parameter name and kernel-doc

Richard Kennedy (1):
netfilter 09/09: remove padding from struct xt_match on 64bit builds

Roland Dreier (4):
mlx4_core: Fix warning from min()
IB/mlx4: Don't register IB device for adapters with no IB ports
cxgb3: Keep LRO off if disabled when interface is down
9p: disallow RDMA if RDMA CM isn't available

Ron Mercer (5):
qlge: Get rid of volatile usage for shadow register.
qlge: Get rid of split addresses in hardware control blocks.
qlge: Remove support for device ID 8000.
qlge: Fix schedule while atomic issue.
qlge: Remove dynamic alloc of rx ring control blocks.

Russell King (2):
[ARM] w90x900: fix build errors and warnings
TWL4030: fix clk API usage

Rusty Russell (1):
cpumask: fix CONFIG_NUMA=y sched.c

Sam Ravnborg (4):
sparc64: fix warnings in psycho_common after ull conversion
sparc: Create a new file lib/ksyms.c and add export of all symbols defined in assembler in lib/ to this file.
sparc: move EXPORT_SYMBOL to the symbols definition
sparc64: move EXPORT_SYMBOL to the symbols definition

Samuel Ortiz (2):
mfd: Fix twl4030-core build
iwlwifi: Fix get_cmd_string() for REPLY_3945_RX

Sascha Hauer (3):
[ARM] i.MX: remove LCDC controller register definitions from imx-regs.h
[ARM] i.MX: fix breakage from commit 278892736e99330195c8ae5861bcd9d791bbf19e
[ARM] i.MX add missing include

Sean MacLennan (1):
[WATCHDOG] Pika Warp appliance watchdog timer

Senthil Balasubramanian (1):
ath9k: Fix incorrect sequence numbering for unaggregated QoS Frame.

Signed-off-by: Peter Stokes (1):
ALSA: USB quirk for Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 name

Stanislaw Gruszka (1):
atmel_spi: allow transfer when max_speed_hz = 0

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann (1):
rt2x00: add USB ID for the Linksys WUSB200.

Steffen Klassert (1):
3c59x: Use device_set_wakeup_enable

Stephen Hemminger (2):
netdev: add missing set_mac_address hook
netdev: missing validate_address hooks

Stephen Rothwell (17):
IB/ehca: spin_lock_irqsave() takes an unsigned long
powerpc: Cleanup from l64 to ll64 change: arch code
powerpc: Cleanup from l64 to ll64 change: drivers/char
powerpc: Cleanup from l64 to ll64 change: drivers/net
powerpc: Cleanup from l64 to ll64 change drivers/scsi
powerpc/ps3: set_dabr() takes an unsigned long
powerpc/ps3: Use dma_addr_t down through the stack
powerpc/ps3: The lv1_ routines have u64 parameters
powerpc/ps3: clear_bit()/set_bit() operate on unsigned longs
powerpc/ps3: ps3_repository_read_mm_info() takes u64 * arguments
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion arch/powerpc
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion drivers/block
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion drivers/char
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion sound/ppc
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion drivers/ps3
powerpc/ps3: Printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion drivers/scsi
powerpc/ps3: printing fixups for l64 to ll64 conversion drivers/video

Steve Brown (1):
ath5k: Correct usage of AR5K_CFG_ADHOC

Steve Glendinning (2):
smsc911x: fix smsc911x_reg_read compiler warning
smsc911x: register irq with device name, not driver name

Steven Noonan (1):
kernel/sched.c: add missing forward declaration for 'double_rq_lock'

Sujith (1):
ath9k: Fix chainmask handling bug

Takashi Iwai (15):
ALSA: hda - Add quirk for HP 2230s
ALSA: caiaq - Fix Oops with MIDI
ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Dell Inspiron Mini9
ALSA: caiaq - Version 1.3.10
ALSA: hda - Use own workqueue
ALSA: hda - Fix a typo
ALSA: hda - Add support of NVidia MCP78 HDMI
ALSA: hda - Use queue_delayed_work()
ALSA: hda - Update model descriptions in patch_sigmatel.c
ALSA: hda - Fix silent headphone output on Panasonic CF-74
ALSA: hda - Don't reset HP pinctl in patch_sigmatel.c
ALSA: hda - Fix stac92hd83xxx_amp_nids[]
ALSA: hda - Fix missing initialization of NID 0x0e for STAC925x
ALSA: hda - Fix HP dv5 mic input
ALSA: hda - Fix invalid amp value for STAC925x

Tejun Heo (1):
pata_atiixp: update port enabledness test handling

Timur Tabi (2):
powerpc/qe: add Ethernet UPSMR definitions to QE library
ucc_geth: use correct UCCE macros

Tony Luck (1):

Trent Piepho (4):
powerpc/fsl-pci: Better ATMU setup for 85xx/86xx
powerpc/fsl-pci: Set relaxed ordering on prefetchable ranges
powerpc/fsl-booke: Don't hard-code size of struct tlbcam
powerpc/fsl-booke: Remove num_tlbcam_entries

Willy Tarreau (1):
tcp: splice as many packets as possible at once

Wolfram Sang (1):
powerpc/mpc52xx: remove dead code from GPIO driver

Wu Fengguang (2):
ALSA: hda - create hda_codec.control_mutex for kcontrol->private_value
ALSA: hda - add support for Intel DX58SO board

Yossi Etigin (2):
IPoIB: Fix loss of connectivity after bonding failover on both sides
IPoIB: Do not join broadcast group if interface is brought down

Yuri Tikhonov (1):
powerpc/xsysace: add compatible string for non-ipcore instance

Zhang Rui (1):
thermal fixup for broken BIOS which has invalid trip points.

roel kluin (1):
powerpc/mpc5121: fix NULL test in mpc5121_clk_get utility function.

venkatesh.pallipadi@xxxxxxxxx (5):
x86 PAT: remove PFNMAP type on track_pfn_vma_new() error
x86 PAT: consolidate old memtype new memtype check into a function
x86 PAT: change track_pfn_vma_new to take pgprot_t pointer param
x86 PAT: return compatible mapping to remap_pfn_range callers
x86 PAT: remove CPA WARN_ON for zero pte
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