Re: Runaway loop with the current git.

From: Kay Sievers
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 13:22:12 EST

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 19:15, Alan Cox <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Yes, log nowhere instead of running in a loop would be much better
>> than loading a 5:1 driver which will never exist as a module.
> The loop is detected and terminated.

No. Please back up what you are trying to talk about.

>> > Why is this useful - you now get failing module loads producing no
>> > diagnostics and in many case the setup just dying silently.
>> It's obviously more useful than not to boot up.
> What makes you think it will now boot up. The loop is already detected
> and terminated. What will you do if it doesn't and you get no
> diagnostics. How will distributions debug those reports in bugzilla.

The boxes of the reporters hang! Read the bug! Please!

>> No, the pci driver will never get loaded by modprobe 5:1,
> Why not ? You have no idea how the other millions of Linux users have
> their module loading rules configured. A change which breaks this
> behaviour is a regression.

There is no cheap way out of the problem, it's a kernel bug, and we
will fix it - you may just delay it with your zero arguments.

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