Re: odd habits with binary blobs.....

From: devzero
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 12:14:12 EST

>>On Wed 2008-12-03 22:40:51, devzero@xxxxxx wrote:
>> hello,
>> i gave r1soft`s new/free "hot copy" a try today and .... failed:
>> vserver2:/tmp/usr/sbin # ./hcp-setup
>> Gathering kernel information
>> Gathering kernel information complete.
>> Error: A network error occurred connecting to ''
>> what a pain....trying to setup a linux kernel module, the installer wants to phone \
>> home - and fails.
>> but it`s even worse - tells:
>> hcp-setup will tar up your kernel source tree or headers and upload them to an \
>> R1Soft build server over HTTPS using XML-RPC. Once your system's kernel headers or \
>> source have been uploaded the R1Soft build server will compile a Hot Copy device \
>> driver as a kernel module and hcp-setup will automatically download it to your \
>> system.
>> In order for hcp-setup to work your Linux server must have HTTPS Internet access to \
>> (32-bit systems) and (64-bit systems)
>> how weird is THAT?
>> did anybody ever come across such "build binary blobs remotely" system ?
>> ok, disqualified. won`t touch it again, as i also don`t know what REALLY is \
>> transferred to the vendor - but i wonder what kernel devs think about such build \
>> system and what in-kernel alternative exists for this. (i think it doesn`t exist - \
>> but maybe somebody working on that ?)

>Hmm. Gcc was not really designed to prevent .c source from exploiting
>So I guess you could have some phun :-).
> Pavel

I already thought of that.
but isn`t it that not just a matter of gcc exploitability ?
what about uploading specially crafted makefiles, setup-scripts or kernel-source
containing backdoors.....?

besides hacking into the build servers - the problem i see is that other users download
binary code from a such potentially compromised system and/or may download kernel-
modules which could (!?) contain binary code compiled from untrusted sourcecode....
maybe BugTraq ML is a better place to discuss.....

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