Re: BCM4312 Fails when xdm is started

From: Yuval Hager
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 04:30:38 EST

On Tuesday 25 November 2008, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Yuval Hager wrote:
> > I played around with different video drivers and the results are:
> > * If using the 'via' driver, I lose the PCIe card immediately upon
> > initialization
> > * Using the 'openchrome' (trunk version), It works well in the
> > beginning.
> > After first blanking the register reads are all 1's, and then
> > when the screen is blank I get a different read (some registers
> > are correct, some are wrong), and when the screen is unblanked, I
> > get 0xff's again. Very consistent and predictabe (same read every
> > time).
> > * Using the 'vesa' driver I could not recreate the problem. I could
> > not get the screen to blank for some reason, but closing the lid,
> > going on standby/hibernate, restarting X - all didn't matter much
> > to the PCI and the wireless card kept on working.
> Good work! You have beyond any doubt established that the X graphics
> driver can cause this problem.

This issue has been tracked down to be at the openchrome driver. It appears
that somehow it corrupted the PCI bus, and damaged the device right after the
video card - the wireless card.

The current workaround for this is here - -
but this is just a quick hack, not a fix, although it works great for me. The
openchrome team is working on a patch based on this.

Thanks for all the help - I am a very happy HP2133 user, and a very happy
community member. This was an amazing opensource support experience, which
I'll remember for a long time. Thank you all!


Yuval Hager
[@] yuval@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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