Re: [PATCH] virtio: make PCI devices take a virtio_pci module ref

From: Rusty Russell
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 03:22:30 EST

On Saturday 06 December 2008 01:37:06 Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Another example of a lack of an explicit dependency causing problems is
> Fedora's mkinitrd having this hack:
> if echo $PWD | grep -q /virtio-pci/ ; then
> findmodule virtio_pci
> fi
> which basically says "if this is a virtio device, don't forget to
> include virtio_pci in the initrd too!". Now, mkinitrd is full of hacks,
> but this is a particularly unusual one.

Um, I don't know what this does, sorry.

I have no idea how Fedora chooses what to put in an initrd; I can't think
of a sensible way of deciding what goes in and what doesn't other than
lists and heuristics.

But there really is no explicit dependency between virtio modules and
virtio_pci. There just is for kvm/x86 at the moment, since that is how
they use virtio. Running over another bus is certainly possible,
though may never happen for x86 (happens today for s390).

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