Re: [patch] ohci1394: don't leave interrupts enabled during suspend/resume

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Sat Dec 06 2008 - 22:28:26 EST

Stefan Richter wrote:
Robert Hancock wrote:
If free_irq and request_irq fix anything, then that indicates that the ohci1394 device is generating interrupts at some point during resume,
Likely the driver should be setting some register on the device to disable it from generating interrupts before suspend and it's not doing this.

reg_write(ohci, OHCI1394_IntMaskClear, 0xffffffff);

in ohci1394's .suspend() switches interrupts off.

Presumably it should.. but the fact remains that if free_irq helps anything, then the device must be generating interrupts for some reason, and it's really just papering over the problem. Perhaps a quirk of that particular chip? Something to do with the state it's in after resume?
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