Re: [RFC v11][PATCH 00/13] Kernel based checkpoint/restart

From: Serge E. Hallyn
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 19:20:19 EST

Quoting Oren Laadan (orenl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> Checkpoint-restart (c/r): fixed races in file handling (comments from
> from Al Viro). Updated and tested against v2.6.28-rc7 (feaf384...)
> We'd like these to make it into -mm. This version addresses the
> last of the known bugs. Please pull at least the first 11 patches,
> as they are similar to before.
> Patches 1-11 are stable, providing self- and external- c/r of a
> single process.
> Patches 12 and 13 are newer, adding support for c/r of multiple
> processes.
> The git tree tracking v11, branch 'ckpt-v11' (and older versions):
> git://
> Restarting multiple processes requires 'mktree' userspace tool:
> git://

Thanks Oren, this set is working great for me. hours of
(run in container; while (1) { checkpoint; kill; restart in container;}
went fine. 500 simultaneoush checkpoints of the same task
went fine. mktree works great.

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