ERROR: Unidentified device type 0

From: Reinhard Nissl
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 17:31:26 EST


I've got the ASUS P6T WS Professional mainboard including Marvell
88SE6320 SAS controller and attached a single Seagate 10k6 SAS
harddrive to the first SAS port.

Installation of openSUSE 11.1rc1 went well but after rebooting,
the harddrive doesn't get found. When the initrd script loads the
mvsas module, the following output appears on screen:

sas: phy-10:1 added to port-10:0, phy_mask:0x2 ( 0)
ERROR: Unidentified device type 0

I first tried to install openSUSE 11.0 but the installer didn't
find the harddrive. If I recall correctly, it was for the same
reason as it is now when trying to boot the 11.1rc1 system.

So I think, there exists already a fix for this issue, as the
11.1rc1 installer sees the drive, which is still missing in the
initrd environment.

I really would like to help solving this issue, but I need a
pointer where and how to start digging. I've started a openSUSE
bug (, Bug
450302 - mvsas doesn't find SAS drive anymore after installation)
almost a week ago but didn't get much help there.

I'd really appreciate some help to get the new system running.
Thanks in advance.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl
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