Re: [patch] export percpu cpuacct cgroup stats

From: Ken Chen
Date: Fri Dec 05 2008 - 13:10:40 EST

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 11:54 PM, Li Zefan <lizf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> + seq_printf(m, "%llu ", percpu);
> Should be:
> + seq_printf(m, "%llu ", (unsigned long long)percpu);
> Otherwsise:
> kernel/sched.c: In function 'cpuacct_percpu_seq_read':
> kernel/sched.c:9359: warning: format '%llu' expects type 'long long unsigned int',
> but argument 3 has type 'u64'

I'm curious what compiler and CPU arch target are you using that cause
compiler to spit out this warning message? On x86_64 u64 is unsigned
long long and gcc v4.2.4 doesn't give such warning.

- Ken
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