Re: [PATCH 0/3] ftrace: updates for tip

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 03:35:38 EST

* Steven Rostedt <rostedt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ingo,
> This series has three patches.
> The first patch adds a new feature that I've been wanting to have for
> some time and Arjan even requested. That is to pick a function and only
> trace that function and its children. Dynamic ftrace and function graph
> needs to be enabled for this.
> To do the above, I added a "trace" flags field in the task structure.
> The second patch uses this for the ftrace pid code. It searches for the
> task based on the pid and sets the trace flag, then in the ftrace
> function caller it only needs to check this flag.

Btw., i'd love to see this done via the regular regexp interface though,
if possible - instead of the add-on interface you added.

( Also perhaps enable to toggle tracing via the /proc/<PID>/ hierarchy -
a /proc/<PID>/tracing_enabled switch or so. )

Regarding the filter functions, the basic principle should be
mathematical set operations, like we have it now: add and remove, union,
wildcards, etc.

I'd suggest a natural and intuitive extension of the current syntax.
(while keeping all the current bits)

I already suggested a 'inverse' filter in a previous mail:

echo "-schedule*" >> set_ftrace_filter

This rule operates on the current set of filter functions: it strikes out
all existing filter functions that match this pattern.

To handle PIDs, we could do something like:

echo "sshd-312:schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

This would restrict tracing to the sshd-pid:312 task.

Note: the PID portion of the filter rules still stay separate from the
function names - we dont want per task function filter rules.

A natural variation would be:

echo "312:schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

to only specify the PID, or:

echo "312,313:schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

to specify two PIDs, or:

echo "sshd:schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

to only specify the 'comm' part, which expands to all PIDs where
task->comm matches sshd. Another variation would be:

echo "loop*:schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

that matches all PIDs where task->comm matches loop*.

To specify recursive tracing, we could use something like:

echo "loop*+schedule" > set_ftrace_filter

the '+' would signal that the 'schedule' function is 'expanded' and all
its child functions are traced as well.

btw., maybe it makes sense to separate the regexp rule-set from the set
of functions that we are tracing right now. For example:

$ echo "schedule*" > set_ftrace_filter
$ echo "time*" >> set_ftrace_filter
$ echo "sys_*" >> set_ftrace_filter

$ cat set_ftrace_filter

We'd also have a separate, current_ftrace_functions file as well which
shows all traced functions. (on a global basis - with possible PID filter
rules added where applicable)

I know this will be hellishly hard to implement, but it would be _very_
elegant, and _very_ usable.

What do you think?

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