Re: [PATCH] ricoh_mmc: Use suspend/resume_noirq (v2)

From: Pierre Ossman
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 01:47:24 EST

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008 11:59:33 -0500 (EST)
philipl@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> If ricoh_mmc suspends before sdhci_pci, it will pull the card
> out from under the controller, which could leave the system in
> a very confused state.
> Using suspend/resume_noirq ensures that sdhci_pci suspends first
> and resumes second.
> Signed-off-by: Philip Langdale <philipl@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---

It's probably easier if this is carried in rafael's tree, where the PM
change is. Add a

Acked-by: Pierre Ossman <drzeus@xxxxxxxxx>

-- Pierre Ossman

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