[PATCH] PCI: remove pci_dac_dma_... APIs on mn10300

From: Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao
Date: Thu Dec 04 2008 - 00:09:18 EST

It seems that mn10300 made it upstream after Jan Beulich's pci_dac_dma_*
cleanup work and still defines pci_dac_dma_supported(). This API is not
required by the PCI subsystem anymore, so remove it.

Signed-off-by: Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao <fernando@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

diff -urNp linux-2.6.28-rc7-orig/include/asm-mn10300/pci.h linux-2.6.28-rc7/include/asm-mn10300/pci.h
--- linux-2.6.28-rc7-orig/include/asm-mn10300/pci.h 2008-10-10 07:13:53.000000000 +0900
+++ linux-2.6.28-rc7/include/asm-mn10300/pci.h 2008-12-04 13:53:13.000000000 +0900
@@ -70,10 +70,6 @@ struct pci_dev;
#define PCI_DMA_BUS_IS_PHYS (1)

-/* This is always fine. */
-#define pci_dac_dma_supported(pci_dev, mask) (0)
/* Return the index of the PCI controller for device. */
static inline int pci_controller_num(struct pci_dev *dev)

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