Re: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Series short description

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 15:39:52 EST

Gregory Haskins wrote:
> Gregory Haskins wrote:
>> Hi Ingo, Steven, Peter,
>> This series applies roughly to mainline as an enhancement to the sched_rt
>> logic. Peter and I were discussing some of the unecessary overhead in
>> pull_rt_tasks() via IRC, and this is my RFC attempt to address the problem.
> Hi Ingo,
> I was putting together a refresh of this patch and I rebased on
> tip/sched/devel. I noticed that sched/devel is on 27-rc8, which is
> obviously a little stale. Is this the proper tree to send patches
> against, or would you prefer a different HEAD?

BTW, it sure would be nice if the Subject: gave some idea of
the, uh, subject of the patch series.


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