RE: [PATCH 0/12] Factor VT-d KVM functions into a generic API (withmultiple device assignment support)

From: Han, Weidong
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 05:18:16 EST

Joerg Roedel wrote:
> Hi,
> this patch series makes the current KVM device passthrough code
> generic
> enough so that other IOMMU implementation can also plug into this
> code.
> It works by factoring the functions Vt-d code exports to KVM into a
> generic interface which allows different backends.
> This is the second version of the patchset. The most important change
> to
> the previous version is that this patchset was rebased to the improved
> API from Han Weidong which supports multiple devices per IOMMU domain.
> For completeness, this series also includes the patches from Han with
> some cleanups. So this patchset can be applied on current avi/master
> tree.
> For testing this code can also be pulled against avi/master tree from
> git://
> iommu-api
> This a basic implementation of a generic interface. It can and should
> be improved later to support more types of hardware IOMMUs then VT-d
> and
> Since I have no VT-d hardware available these patches are only compile
> tested for now.
> Please review, comment and test these patches.

Tried this patchset on avi/master tree, VT-d works. Your generic API approach is ok for me. But the multiple devices assignment patches (here patch 01 and 02) needs some improvement, and they are too big to review. I have split them into a serial small patches, and sent out for review in another mail thread. After my multiple device assignment patchset is accepted, I think you can easily rebase your generic patchset on it.


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