Re: In-kernel IR remote control support

From: Christoph Bartelmus
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 02:37:23 EST

Hi Pavel,

on 23 Nov 08 at 19:01, Pavel Machek wrote:
>>> support for the common remotes. That seems like a net plus to me, and
>>> you can still keep the obscure ones in userland.
>> Jon's code and the LIRC approach exclude each other. It does not make
>> sense to have both in the kernel. There have been attempts to clean up
>> LIRC code to be included in the kernel. The current discussion lessens my
>> hope that this will happen anytime soon.

> I don't see why we could not use Jon's code for common remotes decoded
> mostly by hw, and your code for the obscure cases.

Ok, how about this:
there's one common point in lirc_dev where all IR timing data is handled.
Jon's code can grab the data at this point and feed it into its state
machine. That way there's no need to change any of the existing drivers.
And we all work together to get this stuff ready for inclusion into the

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