[PATCH 0/6] integrity

From: Mimi Zohar
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 16:48:55 EST

This patchset contains the LIM and IMA integrity system patches.
To address concerns raised on the mailing list of the IMA patch
size, the IMA patch has been broken up into three smaller patches
for easier review.

1 - TPM internal interfaces (unchanged)
2 - LIM - (minor cleanup)
3 - IMA - Main (updates in response to comments)
4 - IMA - securityfs - display (unchanged)
5 - IMA - securityfs - policy (unchanged)
6 - (credential patch for security-testing-2.6/next)

The first five patches apply cleanly to linux-2.6.28-rc6 and with minor
offsets to security-testing-2.6/#next. The last patch addresses the
security-testing-2.6/#next credential merge issues.

Mimi Zohar (6):
integrity: TPM internel kernel interface
integrity: Linux Integrity Module(LIM)
integrity: IMA as an integrity service provider
integrity: IMA display
integrity: IMA policy
integrity: replace task uid with cred uid
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