[ANNOUNCE] kmemtrace userspace update

From: Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 05:00:30 EST

Hi everybody,

I've patched kmemtrace to address Pekka's concerns. Here's the shortlog:

Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu (8):
addr2line support
Add private data pointer argument to hashtable actions.
Add stats to hashtable implementation.
Hashtable to vector conversion functions.
kmemtrace-report: Sort call-site view by fragmentation.
kmemtrace-report: addr2line support and output sorting for allocation view.
kmemtrace-report: pretty formatting.
Add debugging stats to hashtable.


The improvements are in terms of usability.

The next thing on my list is integrating Tom's UTT patch and switching
to variable length packets (Mathieu's idea was we should encode field
sizes in a header and forego using the same pointer size on all arches).
Both would entail updating the kernel as well.

Feedback is much appreciated.


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