Re: Regression from 2.6.26: Hibernation (possibly suspend) broken on Toshiba R500 (bisected)

From: Frans Pop
Date: Tue Dec 02 2008 - 02:53:20 EST

(resending to list only as original attempt did not make it)

> The symptoms of the breakage are that sometimes the box hangs solid
> during resume, sometimes it hangs but can be rebooted by pressing
> Alt-SysRq-b, and sometimes it just powers off while resuming. Still,
> it resumes correctly in about 75% of cases and that made the issue very
> hard to debug.
> [Interestingly enough, it was not reproducible with snd_hda_intel
> unloaded, which made me think it was related to the driver, but
> evidently it wasn't.]

This almost exactly describes problems I've been seeing on my HP 2510p. I
never tried Alt-SysRq-b and have not seen the spontaneous power-off, but
the percentage correct boots and relationship with the sound driver are
spot on.

I worked around the sound driver relationship by using a very low power
save setting so I can virtually count on it being disabled when I

I'll give your patch a go and report the results. Nice work!

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