Re: Regression from 2.6.26: Hibernation (possibly suspend) brokenon Toshiba R500 (bisected)

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 23:47:29 EST

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> You're in luck. I still had /proc/io* contents from .28-rc3 lying around
> from working on some other issue.
> Here's the relevant diff for iomem; there's no diff for ioports.
> --- iomem_2.6.28-rc3 2008-11-03 10:59:37.000000000 +0100
> +++ iomem_2.6.28-rc6_linus 2008-12-02 05:20:31.000000000 +0100
> @@ -10,10 +10,9 @@
> 7e7b0000-7e7c53ff : reserved
> 7e7c5400-7e7e7fb7 : ACPI Non-volatile Storage
> 7e7e7fb8-7effffff : reserved
> -80000000-83ffffff : PCI Bus 0000:02
> - 80000000-83ffffff : PCI CardBus 0000:03
> -84000000-87ffffff : PCI CardBus 0000:03
> -88000000-88000fff : Intel Flush Page
> +80000000-83ffffff : PCI CardBus 0000:03
> +84000000-84000fff : Intel Flush Page
> +84400000-847fffff : PCI CardBus 0000:03
> d0000000-dfffffff : 0000:00:02.0
> d0000000-d076ffff : vesafb
> e0000000-e00fffff : PCI Bus 0000:10

I'm not seeing how this could matter. In the latter one, we apparently
don't set up any PCI bus memory window, but I bet it's a transparent
bridge, and it shouldn't matter. IOW, your dmesg probably has a line like
this somewhere:

pci 0000:00:1e.0: transparent bridge

and whether there is an explicit bus window or not is simply immaterial.

That said, if you can show the differences in dmesg from the two cases, it
would probably be interesting to see why it happens that way. Why did we
bother setting up that PCI bus window in -rc3 at all? Was it there from
the beginning?

> I've tried a few quick suspend/resume cycles and no failures so far, but
> that's not really conclusive yet.
> Besides snd_hda_intel I've also been unloading e1000e before suspend
> because I thought it contributed to resume failures. I'm now keeping that
> loaded as well. Will report results.

There were some HDA fixes recently, although I don't think they should
matter for suspend/resume (well, at least a couple of them should fix the
case of sound being _silent_ on resume, but shouldn't have caused any
other issues).

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