Re: Changes to Linux/SCSI target mode infrastructure for v2.6.28

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 23:18:51 EST

Nicholas A. Bellinger wrote:
>>> So far during my initial testing, I am running into a two different
>>> exceptions. One NULL pointer deference OOPS after half dozen Open/iSCSI
>>> login/logouts in block/elevator.c:elv_dequeue_request(). Here is the
>>> trace from SCSI softirq context:

Can you build with debug info and find out which line is the offending

>>> The other one is a BUG_ON in blk/blk-timeout.c:177 in blk_add_timeout()
>>> that happens after a few hundred MB of READ_10 traffic, which also
>>> appears to pass through elv_dequeue_request() at some point:

Hmmm... this means blk_add_timer() is being called after the request
is already completed. All the problem discovered till now have to do
with timeout going off without the low level driver knowing about the
request. I don't have much idea and it'll probably be best to trace
what's going on using blktrace or printks. Maybe this is caused by
list corruption as with the first issue or request completion races
with requeueing?

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