XFS status update for November 2008

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 09:03:39 EST

The mainline kernel is now at 2.6.28-rc6 and includes a small number of
XFS fixes. There have been no updates to the XFS development tree during
December. Without new regressions that large number of changes that
missed 2.6.28 has thus stabilized to be ready for 2.6.29. In the meantime
kernel-side development has been slow, with the only major patch set
being a wide number of fixes to the compatibility for 32 bit ioctls on
a 64 bit kernel.

In the meantime there has been a large number of commits to the user space
tree, which mostly consist of smaller fixes. xfsprogs is getting close
to have the 3.0.0 release which will be the first full resync with the
kernel sources since the year 2005.
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